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Monday, 6th November, 2006

Lack of AI, lack of HI

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This is probably a repeat. That just goes to show how right I might be. I know that might convince you. I know I can’t know that.

To the matter at hand: there is still no AI around. I don’t mean that there aren’t machines capable of solving problems explained to them in a language they can understand — that has been the case for decades with general-purpose computers, and arguably includes even the simplest machines if performing physical tasks through physical manipulation were not excluded — but rather that there is no machine capable of being given any problem to solve in a human language and going ahead and solving it. Only humans come close to achieving this goal.

Why is this? I believe, at the moment, (for all that my beliefs are worth, especially the transient ones), that it is due entirely to the arrogance of those humans. All the examples of supposed AI research that I’ve come across fail to realise that the algorithms the intelligent machine must follow should be flexible enough to deal with unforseen circumstances in a “rational” way, defined as relative to its goals (which I assume would be, given our needs, to solve the given problem — or, equivalently in my mind, to reach the desired defined goal — as “resourcefully” as possible, where, again, we define the preciousness of resources as we wish).

Unforeseen circumstances come about because of uncertainty about “the world”. This uncertainty, and how to deal with it, must therefore be considered when designing the algorithm to endow the machine with. This is not hard: Bayesian statistics, anyone?

That’s it. Comments welcome. Read this too, which I link to if only so that there’ll be a link to another blog in this post. Isn’t that one


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