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Tuesday, 7th March, 2006

Who I’m not

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I’m not the guy who’s in charge of this site, although perhaps I wish I was.

He might be a Republican, he might be from Idaho, he might even have a terrible-looking website, but goddamn I would vote for him, over and over again, so help me Lord. He’s even called Butch Otter, just to really make sure the Lutra Lutra demographic is in the bag.

Go Otter, go Otter, go!


Life goes on, I think.


Thursday, 9th February, 2006

Linky link link, blergh

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This is good shit, except for the Google posts, which are so mundane I wonder what the writer was smoking. If he wasn’t smoking or somesuch [you know what I mean twatface] then he has no excuse:

.did a touch make you less lonely

But ultimately, it’s still shit. Like I say, it’s not his fault, because he’s human, a silly mortal human.

I’m also linking because it’s Good To Link. I’m a servient otter. Don’t you believe it, whether you believe it or not. Hmm.

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