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Monday, 21st May, 2012

Emails from a long time past

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I thought that when I read the old emails I will start feeling guilty, because I never pass up an opportunity to feel guilty (after all, I would feel guilty if I did). This is why I avoided reading them until today, when curiosity and the urge to procrastinate overwhelmed my supertaut risk aversion. But instead I’m numb and confused [and so it turns out that the title of this blog is immeasurably more apposite than I could have guessed in my confused state when I started it]. Does this reaction devalue the times in which they were written, or the feelings I expressed in them and no doubt experienced in my life around them? I don’t think so. That was then and this is now. But I’d be really much more relaxed and satisfied if I could just work out what “now” indeed is…


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