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Sunday, 10th June, 2012

If not meow, then when?

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[I just saw this post’s title (give or take) appear on the front page of wordpress.com, so I’m pilfering it, as apart from being funny and clever it is not an inappropriate descriptor for the below contents. Just sayin’.]

I did her a favour, and I hope she sees that. If she hates me, that is her choice, although it would be a disappointing one… But we were incompatible, at least in our current states. I love her very much, but we simply couldn’t go on the way we were. I am hurt and angry that she has decided to block me altogether, whether out of revenge or excessive pain at every encounter with me or out of a misguided attempt to “move on” cleanly, the last a quixotic wish. But I must respect her decision. I am not her father.

If not meow, then when, catty cat? And if not me, then who? We both saw the truth but only I was willing to acknowledge it, before it was too late… I even accepted the risk that my greatest fear would come true, namely that you would excise me, as completely as possible, from your lifestream, which did indeed come true. But I am proud of myself, because now we will both be happier and we will grow as people (well, mammals) and then we can see clearly, later on, whether we were meant to be together, and in what way.

Meow for now, catty cat… I hope to see you again soon.

your always confused otter, always


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